The history of our company dates back to 1994, when it started operating in the field of regeneration, remanufacturing and repair of worn power hydraulics and pneumatics parts for individual customers . From that moment we have constantly expanded the scope of our service operations by investing in the necessary equipment and training of our employees. All of this to ensure that our Customers are each time satisfied with the selected company - REHSIP.

Although we are operating in a highly specialized industry, we have never closed in a narrow range of services. Our offer has been ever more expanded and the current service portfolio includes a wide range of comprehensive services of regeneration, remanufacturing and repair of various equipment types, ranging from industrial equipment, through construction equipment (including excavators, cardan shafts etc.), ending with agricultural equipment . With years of experience, we can be proud of hundreds of completed orders and the won trust of many satisfied and returning Customers – small and medium sized firms as well as large industrial companies .


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The very feature that distinguishes us from its competitors is the quality of service, understood as a set of activities and processes that create added value for our Customers. Therefore, we always aim to perform our services based on the following principles:



to the best knowledge of our employees, with specialized, high-quality equipment and workstations, and with the support of many years’ experience in the repair and regeneration of power hydraulics and pneumatics

naprawa koparek


if, for example as a result of an inspection we decide to repair a cardan shaft, you can rest assured that it will be exactly regenerated as per the initial commitment that we made. This principle applies naturally to all other services that we offer

wały kardana

On time

our team is treating very seriously the issue of delivery of every order on time. If due to reasons beyond our control we are unable to carry out the order on time, we will do our best to compensate our Client for the delay.

hydraulika siłowa


fast enough, as allowed by technical conditions (we know very well that for our Customers every hour's equipment downtime is a measurable financial loss) 


Competitively priced 

prices of our services are exactly what they should be for the execution of a specific repair. To the penny.

wały kardana


Our mission is the execution of comprehensive services in the field of repair and regeneration of machinery and equipment, with the highest diligence and in shortest time possible, in order to reduce downtime of equipment and machine parks of our Clients. 

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REHSIP spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp.k.


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